Lou Pimber is a Mexican immigrant, born Luis A Pimber, former U.S. Soldier, Combat Medic, retired UC law enforcement officer having served as a member of the AZ State Gang Task force & HIDTA Counter Narcotics Unit now turned actor and entrepreneur. Lou retired medically after having sustained career ending injuries during an Undercover assignment. Lou has been featured in films and television shows like Breaking Bad & Gang Related along with numerous local and national commercials. He has been a sought out key-note speaker on matters related to leadership in business, police undercover work, post traumatic stress and life post retirement for law enforcement officers.

Lou Pimber has a YouTube podcast channel, Lou Pimber Speaks, where he interviews incredible Americans to include lawmen & soldiers alike, including business related content. Lou, along with his wife Rhonda Pimber, are Senior VP’s with the PHP Agency now with multiple offices throughout Arizona & Texas serving Americans nationally by bringing back free enterprise, hope to families, addressing financial illiteracy, life insurance & retirement income planning. Lou is a true believer in becoming the main character in the story of your life! Are you living your best life? If you’re not and want to learn how to maximize your growth and leadership potential contact Lou.

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